2nd Official Scrabble Meet also finally happened and the day is gone *sigh* :)

It was a great day at Moksh Lawn.

Thank you everyone who made it there last Saturday. We are so very excited to see you every-time, and disappointed not to see the few who missed out.

We hope it was a great weekend for you too. We’ll be posting the pictures from the day, soon. Re-sizing is in progress.

We would specially like to thank the great musicians who agreed to be there for all of us even with a very short notice and presented us wonderful sounds of Nepal, it was very relaxing and de-stressing. Hari Sharan Nepali is amazing as always with his Sarangi and Binaya Maharjan with his splendid Flute. Nhuchhe Darshandhari ji, who had wonderful fingers on Tabla. It was a great evening.

Whoever missed out that day, really missed out something. However, the greatness of those wonderful musicians and their company and performance may get the continuation in every Scrabble meet henceforth. We would like you to let us know how you feel about it. Do you want it? or You don’t?

Thank you The Kathmandu Post for supporting our program again. It is BABBAL with you guys 🙂
Thank you Teenz Magazine and Friday Weekly for your continuous participation and media support
Thank you Moksh Live Restaurant for their wonderful Lawn and Coffee Deck, and the sound equipment
Thank you V-Chitra for quick response and connecting TKP Babbal Weekends with us
Thank you Artudio for participating in our Scrabble Meet. Next ones will be interesting for you too. We promise.

Thank you Karisma Bajracharya and Ajavind Shrestha, our Communications Officers to have taken the challenge and put in your very best.

Thank you everyone, again, for being there. We look forward to your participation in our next events. They aren’t too far, so please keep updated through our facebook page or our blog.

Best Regards

Happy Scrabbling!

Nepal Scrabble Club