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Dates and Venues for Weekend Scrabble Meetup! Feb/March

Dear Club Members and Enthusiasts,

Please find the following as our New Weekend Scrabble Meetup and Monthly Event for  your kind perusal.

We are hoping you will mark the dates on your calender and participate regularly and also hoping our schedule matches your convenience. We are identifying and finalizing more venues across Kathmandu and Patan, updates will be posted soon, again.

We are open to your kind suggestions and advice, please write to us at: or leave a comment on the post.

We are looking forward to see you again.

Warm Regards,

Nepal Scrabble Club

View or Download: Weekend Scrabble Meet Plan

New Venues. Meet Up Schedules. Events.

We would like to inform all the members of NSC and enthusiasts of Scrabble that from February on, we will be releasing a whole new extensive plan of Scrabble meet venues, Friendly Matches, New convenient Scrabble stations, Dates, Times, Benefits; for our Club members and interested ones. Please keep checking for the update soon. We will be extending the membership period of the existing members based on the selected membership plans. We hope to see all of you soon, again.

Happy Scrabbling.


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English Language Teaching/Learning with Scrabble Project


7th Dec – 10th Dec

English Access Microscholarship Program and American Corner Gorkha

Regional English Languague Office – US Department of State, &
Nepal English Language Teacher’s Association

“This event was made possible with the generous support of the American people through the English Language Office (RELO), Public Affairs Section of the Embassy of the United States of America in Nepal.”

English Language Teaching/Learning with Scrabble Project


29th Nov – 2nd Dec
English Access Microscholarship Program and American Corner Birgunj

Regional English Languague Office – US Department

of State, &
Nepal English Language Teacher’s Association

“This event was made possible with the generous su

pport of the American people through the English Language Office (RELO), Public Affairs Section of the Embassy of the United States of America in Nepal.”


American Embassy Logo (For Web Only)

In the English Language Teaching/Learning with Scrabble Project, there were number of groups of students from Community / Public school participating, who are being facilitated by American Corner and NELTA under English Access Microscholarship Program (EAMP) with the cooperation and support of Regional English Language Program (RELO) – US Dept. of State. There were two different groups with each consisting of 20 students with equal number of boys and girls from the community or public run schools. The participating students were from 8 to 10th grade, and very very enthusiastic about the new approach to their learning system.

Scrabble crossword board game certainly opened up a new window to their perspective towards English as a language and the simple way of advancing their proficiency with the help of Scrabble. All of the students and teachers were being introduced to the Scrabble for the very first time.

Despite the initial difficulty with the rules and the mechanism of the Scrabble crossword board game, both the students and teachers were equally and enthusiastically engaged. And with the progression of the game, the students themselves began realizing their capabilities with Spellings and Vocabularies, whether better or inferior.

The students were encouraged to follow the route from the board game to the books and to the dictionaries, to take notes of the words and the meanings, to physically make an effort to write every familiar words they were not confident with their meanings and spellings, to constantly re-route their attention from dictionary to the books and to the Scrabble, which is going to be of tremendous help in a very short period of time to witness the change and growth ratio the students are going to acquire with the help of Scrabble.

The fun began when the students started getting the hang of the game and started becoming competitive. It was a pleasure to see the sudden great interest and the zeal they began to display, despite being the first time players.

The three-hours of schedule with each group turned out to be very limited and insufficient, considering the conversation that was essential and the time they required to relate to the Objectives of Nepal Scrabble Club. But the enthusiasm displayed by the students and their great hunger for simplified learning system is a great inspiration, further assuring us to be able to develop similar and further programs in the near future.

Each group received Scrabble boards, Posters, Dictionaries, and CD’s as gifts, as our way of encouraging them, through NSC and RELO.

Nepal Scrabble Club believes that even their first experience on Scrabble board has ignited a spark in them and will seek to self-improvement with the help of the Access and American Corner teachers. RELO, NELTA and NSC will continuously extend the future Scrabble projects to initiate the change in Nepal, through these students, with the help of Scrabble crossword board game.

Nepal Scrabble Club is proud and overwhelmed by the experience at Birgunj.


Feedback from Mr. Suresh Shrestha – Birgunj Access Teacher, via mail.

Hearty thanks for your training to our Access students, as well as the scrabble sets and others. Obviously, it has paved a clear way for our students to enrich their vocabulary by playing scrabble. Although the event was just a beginning, we are hopeful that it will continually make great impacts on the learners’ perception towards vocabulary that is often supposed to be of less interest among students. Last Saturday we held scrabble game activity involving all the students. Although it was challenging to help 8 to 10 students play on one board, most of them enjoyed it a lot. Hope that there will be several related events and support from you, which may help the students understand and play scrabble more efficiently.

Weekend Scrabble at PIC – World Bank, Kathmandu

Good News for all the members and Scrabble enthusiasts, after a long time! A new addition to the list of places to go and play Scrabble in a quiet and comfortable setting with Books and Free WI-FI.

Enjoy playing Scrabble with your friends and family every Saturday from August on : Have a wonderful weekend and best of your time with Scrabble, Books and your friends or the club members sharing your common interests.

Public Information Center, World Bank
1st Floor,
Yak & Yeti Premises, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Time: 1pm to 5pm

Note: Please carry your Membership Card with you!

For more information, please write to :

FREE Scrabble Original boards for 200 schools/colleges in Kathmandu District

We are giving away 200 Scrabble Original board games to 200 schools in Kathmandu and Patan. We would love to hear from everyone here, please let us know if there are any deserving Schools who may find great use of the Scrabble board game for their students. We want our students to get these educational board game. They deserve it.
The event is finalized for August. Kindly contact us, if you would like to participate.
Nepal Scrabble Club