Official Tournament Rules

Nepal Scrabble Club follows the official WESPA [World English-Language Scrabble Players’ Association] Rules second version Official Game & Tournament Rules

Global rules
The first version of WESPA’s rules for global Scrabble was released in August 2009 after a six-month worldwide consultation process. It has since been used extensively in international tournaments, including the World Scrabble Championship and the Causeway Challenge.

The Rules Committee released a second version of the rules in November 2010, after working on it for nearly a year. It is shorter and tighter, and contains a number of key changes. Read a summary of the changes.

The Association of British Scrabble Players (ABSP) has recently voted to adopt WESPA’s first version of the rules for its domestic tournaments from 2011. Most countries will be using the second version from the official adoption date of 1 January 2011.

WESPA’s first version of the rules.


Many documents have been released to aid players in their transition to the new updated international word list to be adopted in 2012. All can be found in the downloads section. They include the initiation kitsummary sheetnew threes storynew fours storyimpacts anddeletions.

Global word source
The word source used in global Scrabble, known as Collins Scrabble Words or CSW (formerly Official Scrabble Words or OSW) is actually not a single dictionary, but an amalgam of three: Collins (7th edition, 2005), Chambers (1998 edition) and TWL, the current Northern American wordlist.

TWL (Tournament Word List) is itself drawn from a range of sources, mostly different editions of Webster’s. Americans and Canadians play by CSW rules in international tournaments and TWL in ‘domestic’ North American tournaments. But they are increasingly introducing CSW grades in various tournaments, and even some solely CSW tournaments. WESPA hopes this North American isolationism will end one day, for the good of global Scrabble.

Rules from NSC
Download Official Tournament Rules: WESPA Tournament Rules

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