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The Country’s First Ever Scrabble Meet


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 Nepal’s first official Scrabble Meet Up was held on February 25 and 26 at the Dhokamai Café in Patan Dhoka.

The two-day scrabble meet was organised by the Nepal Scrabble Club (NSC). The

event was held with the support of the Kathmandu Post  in association with Teenz magazine.

Titled Inception, the meet was designed for both long-time scrabble enthusiasts as well as casual players. It allowed people from various professions and communities to come together under one roof to revel in the joy of words.

The event was open to all, and people had the freedom to form their own groups or play with a complete stranger. Participants showed great enthusiasm for the game; although many started out rather nervously, as time went on, they became progressively more confident.

“It is necessary to encourage the use of the English language and to raise one’s level of proficiency, particularly among Nepalis, considering the extent of globalisation today,” says Ramesh Lal Nakarmi, President of Nepal Scrabble Club. “Scrabble gives you the basic tools for communication. Our club doesn’t aim to promote English language as such but to help make people more comfortable in English”.

The Nepal Scrabble Club is a not-for-profit, legally licensed game club under Mattel Inc UK and registered with the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu Nepal. NSC has been operating from multiple public venues within the Kathmandu Valley, and plans to host many tournaments in the coming future.

An International Scrabble Competition has been tentatively planned for 2012.

Posted on: 2012-02-29 09:04

The love for words through Scrabble


KATHMANDU, Feb 28: Nepal Scrabble Club (NSC), the first and the only scrabble club in Nepal, organized “Inception – The First Official Scrabble Meet” on Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26, at Yala Maya Kendra, Patan Dhoka.

The event, scheduled from 1:30 to 3:30 pm, ended up running till 5 pm with newcomers and professionals alike to Scrabble engaging in a friendly competition with each other.

Nepal Scrabble Club (NSC), which started eight months ago, is a non-profit organization, legally licensed under Mattel Inc., UK, and the Social Welfare Club, Kathmandu.

Part of upcoming series of scrabble meets seemed to have gained wide success with school students, artists, musicians and businessmen coming together to engage in a friendly game of scrabble.

“Scrabble is a very important game,” said Ramesh Lal Nakarmi, President at Nepal Scrabble Club, adding, “It helps people understand language, helps Nepali people understand this language more and helps them learn more.”

Ramesh informs us how while working in Europe and the Middle East, he saw many Nepali migrant workers engaged in very menial jobs, like dishwashers in kitchens, toilet cleaners or as domestic help, and very few Nepalis were hired as managers.

He tells us how these workers all lacked the proper communication skills and needed translators to translate even the basic commands that their managers gave.

“While working abroad, it all boils down to how well you can communicate in English, and the primary reason why Nepali workers were restricted to such menial jobs was their restriction with linguistic expression. People earn a lot of money as salespeople or as waiters but all these respectable jobs require good understanding of English, and this is what I think Nepalis lack. Scrabble is a platform that helps increase this grasp of English,” he added.

NSC promises more of such meets in the future. Along with the weekly meets, NSC is also planning on tournaments on district, regional and national levels.

NSC also plans on taking scrabble to schools, planning on making boards available in school libraries and hosting school tournaments amongst students and teachers. NSC also spills the beans on a tournament on an international level, planned to be held at Namche.

“I want to host the International Scrabble Tournament in one the highest places in the world so that it brings Nepal back on the map. We need to work on to separate the ‘Third World’ label from Nepal and I think scrabble is a small step towards achieving that goal. When people learn to grasp foreign language well, lots of reforms can occur in the society itself,” informed Ramesh.

The meet, attended by schoolchildren tackling the game for the first time and older ones familiar with the game, enjoyed scrabble together.

Playing against strangers, meeting new people and socializing took place on the undertone of the game and people connected with each other at a human level once again.

“Scrabble is more of a mind game. It helps your brain develop in many different ways. You start recalling forgotten words while getting familiar with new ones. It is learning and entertainment rolled into one simple package,” echoed 18-year-olds Ronaz Bhandari and Sajal Shrestha, and 16-year-old Maya Britto, all +2 students from St. Xavier’s School, Jawlakhel, enjoying a game at the meet.

“We invited different schools like Asian Public School, Occidental Public School, Pious Public School amongst others on the first day of our meet. We wanted students to get acquainted with the game so as to help them understand their English-based courses better and develop a firm grasp of this widely used language,” said Ujjwal Basnet, Communications Officer at Nepal Scrabble Club.

NSC is a free space for scrabble enthusiasts as well as beginners. The Club requires a registration fee of Rs 50 for students, Rs 150 for individuals, Rs 400 per family and Rs 500 for corporations.

Along with the registration fees, members have to pay an annual fee of Rs 600 for students, Rs 840 for individuals, Rs 2,400 for family, and Rs 4,800 for corporations.

The club does not receive funds from any foreign or local organizations; it is a self-funded project that sustains itself on members’ contributions.

“We want to make scrabble more accessible. So we’re planning to conduct these local meets every week at various public places where people can meet and play.

We have also made Scrabble boards available at Keshar Library and Kathmandu Public Library. We plan to take NSC national and have already started the process on making scrabble available outside the capital in places like Lukla, Namche and Pokhara with the help of local youth clubs based there,” informs Ramesh.

Published on 2012-02-28 09:29:53

A Weekend of Scrabble

Moksh’s ambience is always filled with something that gives you a pleasant feeling, and this weekend was no exception. As I walked to their premises on Saturday, I was greeted by people from all walks of life, human right activists, teachers, bankers, social contributors and students to name a few who were keenly looking at the scrabble board, and figuring out the formation of such a word which would give them an edge over the others!
Nepal Scrabble Club along with Babbal Weekends hosted their second official scrabble meet on 24 March where scrabble aficionados as well as other amateurs who had a zeal for the word game came together to learn, observe, interact and play.
Ramesh Lal Nakarmi, one of the founding members of the club shared that the purpose of the club is to bring people from different backgrounds, professions and ages together to a common ground where they can share a healthy word teaching and learning environment in the world which is driven by so much competition that proficiency over the English language is a must to have an upper hand in life.
Bishal Dahal, a banker and a social contributor informed that coming to the meet has been very productive for him as his mind was getting stretched on recollecting different words, and another beauty of it to him has been learning different words from people around him which has made his vocabulary richer.
Whilst the word enthusiasts were busy with their games, the place was also abuzz with face painting by artudio, delicious delicacies which delighted everybody’s taste buds and soulful traditional Nepali music by Hari Sharan Nepali, Binay Maharjan and Nhuchhe Darshandhari which gripped the listeners.

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Collins Scrabble® Words INITIATION KIT Author: Elie Dangoor, WESPA Chairman


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