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Nepal Scrabble Club is a not-for-profit organization registered under District Administration Office Kathmandu, Nepal and affiliated with Social Welfare Council

NSC – Our Origin

Nepal Scrabble Club is an initiative started by a group of close level-minded friends with the zeal and interest to establish innovative ideas and actions for the benefit and development of people, their lives, individual efficiency and productivity, in Nepal. The idea of NSC was conceived by Mr. Ramesh Lal Nakarmi while working in the Middle East, and put the idea together with the help and interest from close friends living abroad and in Nepal. The club found its existence under the concept of operation with the local efforts and funding. The fund was created by the group of friends with personal contributions without any interest of financial return and the willingness and commitment to initiate the Scrabble Club to help the majority of the youth learn English language in a simple, interactive, entertaining and sporty way, with close collaboration with Schools/Colleges and the Teachers’ Organizations in Nepal.

NSC is licensed by Mattel Inc. (UK) to operate Scrabble Club and activities in Nepal. NSC aims to encourage students, teachers and individuals to utilize the Scrabble crossword board game as the motivation.

NSC organizes weekly and monthly Scrabble meets in the Kathmandu at the moment, which is participated by regular club members and non-member enthusiasts as well. NSC has made Scrabble deluxe boards available at various restaurant/cafes for now, and will be placing the Scrabble board games at Public Information Center – World Bank, Kathmandu, Keisar Library and Kathmandu Valley Public Library soon. NSC wishes to be present at various public educational and recreational venues for the family and friends of members and enthusiasts to join in for casual games at the convenience.

NSC is planning to extend its club branch and activities to other districts with a local office and venue in the nearest future and is preparing to be extending to Eastern and Western parts of the country within September 2013.

NSC – The Reason

In Nepal, English became the popularly used second language since a decade ago. The younger generation, especially in the urban places are adopting and getting more comfortable to use English in their daily communication caused by the virtual socializing trend and the growing international educational system like +2, O and A levels. However the majority of the population still lack the ability to use English in their daily communication except the urban youth in the major cities due to the fact that Kathmandu and Pokhara has become international cosmopolitan cities as a result of the foreign investments, growing corporate culture and easy access to global information and interaction forums. Some spelling, poems, literature competition are organized but no one proposes a game as an educational tool for language, mathematics; communication like Nepal Scrabble Club does.


Social relationships 

The idea and the relation with our society is becoming rare and obsolete due to our constant growth and social changes we have been witnessing with passing years. We are becoming farther and isolated from our own people, due to social insecurities, personal inhibitions, economic disparities, family de-motivations/restrictions, security measures, etc., limiting the co-habitation of younger generation with his/her immediate and actual surroundings. The detachment growing so much more with contemporary virtual culture, which is not harmful in itself but is not helping too much in real life, unfortunately as it is, the current generation is ‘forced’ to adopt it as the only available platform for their personal and emotional well being.

The linguistic impediment of Nepali students, individuals and professionals has been one of the very significant factors why the personal and professional development has not reached the desired and necessary level in Nepal, thus slow and marginal growth in national economy. The level of compatibility and competency could not be achieved and maintained due to the language deficiency Nepali human resource has been suffering with. The education system and the educators and the scholars are in dire need of a simplified yet efficient tool to establish continued source of motivation to learn better and exercise their linguistic freedom for their own benefit and not only as an obligation to learn English as a foreign language, which Scrabble crossword board game can be.

Introduction of Scrabble board game as a simple educational tool to get the students interested and motivated to participate voluntarily has been much welcomed by the schools/colleges in Kathmandu so far. However, to reach the higher number of students and teachers and NSC indentified the necessity to make the Scrabble board game available to the Schools/Colleges, and with that determination NSC has planned to gift 200 Scrabble board games to 200 schools across Kathmandu district and few schools from Eastern to Western parts of Nepal.

These Events and Tournaments will provide an arena for students of all age and grades with the direct learning mechanism bolstered by the effectiveness of learning with and through other enthusiasts over Scrabble crossword board game in an open and friendly space without discrimination.


NSC dreams of creating an open, expressive, responsive society of personally and professionally compatible people.


We are determined to make the Scrabble board game familiar as an educational tool for students and people of any age and educational level, for them to develop their English language skills, not only enriching their spellings and vocabularies but also the communication, conversation and people skills that will find its boost by the opportunity to interact and compete with people with varied levels of minds, difference of opinions, socio-economic-cultural diversity and education.

NSC promotes the idea of learning with the family and friends as well, where the older generation can teach the young ones being engaged in the Scrabble board game within the family and as well as learn new words and ways of expression from their young ones, bridging the generation divide and encouraging each other teach and learn as well as reconnect the family that is being isolated within the household due to the television and internet culture. Which also fills up the void there is for the younger generation in this society, lacking recreational and educational environments besides the school, allows and encourages them to be more open to the society and expose themselves to the diversity of the country and the world and understand each other better and step out of the boundaries of a closed society.


2.1 The Club is a non-commercial and non-profit making body. The Association nevertheless reserves the right to conduct activities which may generate a surplus, which shall be directed towards the achievement of its objects.

The Objects of the Club are as follows:-

  • to promote local recognition and respect of Scrabble as a serious competitive activity in Nepal, and to provide for the benefit of the members of the Club the requisite amenities for the pursuit of the game and social activities ancillary to it;
  • to further the collective best interest of Scrabble and its serious Players, especially those who take part in tournament Scrabble, and where appropriate, to represent such Players individually or as a group in dealings with other bodies, including the Trademark Owners;
  • to promulgate and encourage local convergence towards common standards and norms including but not limited to a system of international rules and ratings;
  • to organize local competitions, displays and events connected with Scrabble, at which successful participants will be commensurately rewarded and recognised;
  • to source sponsorship for such competitions, displays and events
  • to publish material relating to the game, for the benefit of players in general and the Club’s Members in particular
  • to establish and maintain a website in respect of the activities and interests of the Club for the benefit of the Game and its Players.
  • to explore mutually beneficial relationships with the Trademark Owners in furtherance of the Club’s Objects.


SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark. All intellectual property rights in and to the game are owned in the United States by Hasbro, Inc., in Canada by Hasbro Canada, Inc., and throughout the rest of the world by J.W. Spear & Sons, Ltd., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. SCRABBLE® and associated trademarks and trade dress are used under license from Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Mattel name and logo are trademarks of Mattel, Inc. and used with permission.

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