We are organizing our Anniversary Event on 8th May. We are trying to reach 70 schools to gift 140 Scrabble boards to. We’d love to invite students from those schools too. We would like to reach 70 schools out of which 10 public schools are on our priority list for the Gift and training of Scrabble board game to help them with their language proficiency. We welcome suggestion of Schools and their nomination. Please send us the name of the School, Principal, Contact numbers and also do share this with them so that they can contact us. Please SHARE and Recommend the event. We are trying to connect with more students and have more students interact and learn from each other, along with from the seniors. Please share the word. Interested sponsors are welcome too~!

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Photo Update of The First Western Region Scrabble Program @ Butwal

The First Western Region Scrabble Program @ Butwal

The event was kindly Organized by Maria Montessori Foundation – Nepal in association with Nepal Scrabble Club and was Powered by: New Horizon Institute, Butwal and Folio Magazine – Ktm.

We would like to express our humble acknowledgements to entire Founding Members of Maria Montessori International School and the Patrons from New Horizon Higher Secondary School, as well as Folio Magazine for making it possible.

Total Days: 2 Days
Total Hours: 12 Hours
Total Participants: 250
Participants: Students, Teachers and Parents

Scrabble Sunday at Samay, Lakeside (Pamey), Pokhara



About Samay:

We exist within the cocoon of ‘TIME’… Searching… and… losing ourselves in its embrace. Lose or find yourselves @ Samay, the restaurant by the Fewa Lake!

For Reservation:
9814176139 : Sam

Date: 17.March.2013
Time: 3:00pm Onwards

Indulge in Scrabble at an AWESOME Lakefront venue: SAMAY RESTAURANT, Pamey, Lakeside, Pokhara. Enjoy great delicacies, fabulous nature and ambiance, and a time with your friends, or MEET new ones!

Weekend Meetup at Himalayan Java, Bluebird Mall, Thapathali

Hi Again!

This Saturday, at Himalayan Java! Same place, Same time! Hope to see you again.

Happy Scrabbling!

Please reserve your seat/s here:

Picture Update 2: Meetup at Index Furniture 23.02.2013

Scrabble Meet-up at Mahabir’s Center for Nepal Connection


Weekend at MahabirFB copy

It is an honor for us to get to organize Weekend Scrabble Meet-up at a space created by respectable Mahabir Pun who has contributed a lot in development of communities within rural Nepal.

Mahabir Pun is a Nepalese teacher known for his extensive work in applying wireless technologies to develop remote areas of the Himalayas, also known as the Nepal Wireless Networking Project. He is a widely known figure in Nepal, and his work has been recognized by the Ashoka Foundation, the Raymod Magsaysay Foundation, University of Nebraska, and Global Ideas Bank.

Recognition received by Mr. Pun:

In 2002, Pun was elected Ashoka Fellow by the Ashoka Foundation, the global association of leading social entrepreneurs. The Foundation noted Pun’s contribution to overcoming the geographical isolation of many of the communities in which he works, with a new idea which could be replicated in other geographically isolated areas with few educational or economic opportunities.

In 2004, Pun received the Overall Social Innovations Award from the Global Ideas Bank, aka the Institute for Social Inventions. They said, “Using an inspired mix of solar power, tree-based relay systems and wireless technology, the project is helping yak farmers stay in touch, families communicate and, with an expansion into distance learning, children to gain education.”

In 2007, Pun was awarded the Magsaysay Award, considered by some to be the Nobel Prize of Asia, in recognition of “his innovative application of wireless computer technology in Nepal, bringing progress to remote mountain areas by connecting his village to the global village”.[5] Pun is one of four Nepalis to receive the Magsaysay Award, and the only one to receive the Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership.

Later in 2007, the University of Nebraska awarded Pun an honorary degree as Doctor of Humane Letters for his outstanding work for his country, Nepal.